Delivering Landmark Property Investment Solutions

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Delivering Landmark Property Investment Solutions

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Delivering Landmark Property Investment Solutions

Landmarc International Properties
Today, Landmarc’s presence and property asset portfolio spans Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom with a dedicated team providing multidisciplinary services in property consultancy, property management, property enhancement and design services.

Asset Management

We deliver superior returns to our clients, investors and shareholders through our unique expertise in identifying quality assets.

Property Enhancement

We provide a full range of architecture and interior design services to clients with diverse scopes and budgets.

Property Management

We offer property management services, as well as specialised consulting services for landlords and developers of purpose-built structures.

Landmarc's Unique Business Model

At Landmarc, we do not act as property agents or brokers. Instead we look into every stage of the property process or purchasing cycle. For example, we seek unique properties at the right price points that we can add additional value to. This value is translated into profit at a later stage. It is fundamental to park this factor in at an early stage to be effective.
“Landmarc believes that the archaic real estate mantra of just ‘location, location, location’ is no longer valid in today’s dynamic climate.

Location is just one of the elements. Timing, good investment strategies and attention to changes in state planning, economic landscape and regulations are among the vital elements in our investment decision-making process.

As such, we regard our proprietary investment processes and success formula as essential to staying ahead in today’s challenging environment.”

Marcus K. Lip

Founder & Managing Director

Landmarc's Business Process

We acquire, refurbish and renovate properties, and then select the right clientele to partake in the investment – be it on sale or lease basis. This unique approach demands high-quality, tailor-made bespoke interior design solutions similar to that of five-star hotel standards.

Project Highlights

Property Development



Corporate Interiors

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Residential Interiors

A Conduit for Asian Investors

We act as a conduit for Asian investors. We have clients from the United Kingdom, Asia and Australia whom we encourage and facilitate to invest in Asian properties and assets. Likewise, we also get Asian investors to invest in properties in Australia and the United Kingdom.


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